Information of the recruitment made GPSC through the Competitive Examination.

On receipt of the requisition from the Government to select the candidates for the posts shown in the Table-I falling under the purview of the Commission, the advertisement is published by the Commission in the leading Gujarati, English newspapers and Gujarat Rojgar Samachar.

The candidates are selected on the basis of the marks secured by them in the written examination or written examination and viva voce, subject to satisfying the eligibility norm. After sending the recommendation of the selected candidates to the Government by the Commission, The Government issues the order of appointment / training.

How to Apply

  • A. The application form will be available from the office of the Commission.
  • B. If the application form is published in the newspaper, application should be made as per format given in the advertisement.
  • C. The application format can be downloaded from this website.
  • D. A Photocopy of the application form can be utilised.

  • 1. In respect of Option (A), application form will be available from the office of the Commission by paying the amount of Rupees 50/- in cash or by sending the crossed Indian Postal order in the name of “The Secretary, Gujarat Public Service Commission, Ahmedabad.”
  • 2. In respect of Option (B), candidate shall require to pay examination fee mentioned in the advertisement along with filled application form.
  • 3. In respect of Option (C) & (D), candidate shall require to pay examination fee mentioned in the advertisement plus Rupees 50/- as application form fee along with filled application form.

  • o The candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of Gujarat origin and Physically Disabled person areexempted from the payment of application fee & examination fee.
  • o Such candidates should produce a certified copy of the Caste certificates / Medical certificate of Physically Disability issued by the competent officer, as the case may be.

  • 1. The Unreserved / General Candidates shall require to pay the examination fee as mentioned in the advertisement.
  • 2. Examination fee may be paid in cash in person along with the application form at the counter of the office of the Commission or by the crossed Indian Postal Order drawn in the favour of “The Secretary, Gujarat Public Service Commission, Ahmedabad - 380001."
  • 3. The examination fee shall not be accepted in the form of postal stamps or by money order or in any other form.
  • 4. Once the application is received by the Commission, no request for refund of the fee shall be entertained nor shall this fee be kept reserved for any other examination or selection.
  • 5. The candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of Gujarat origin only andPhysically Disabled shall not require to pay examination fee.
  • 6. Ex-servicemen who have retired after the completion of their general services in the armed forces and those who are eligible to appear at the competitive examination for the posts of Class-III, are exempted from payment of the application form fee and examination fee, but they are not eligible to get such exemption from the competitive examination of class-I and Class-II posts.

The relaxation in the upper age limit is available as per the details shown in the advertisement published by the Commission. The following relaxation shall be available as per the existing provisions:

  • 1. Five years relaxation shall be available to the candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of Gujarat origin only, subject to the posts reserved for such category.
  • 2. The woman candidates of the reserved categoryshall be granted the relaxation of ten years in the upper age limit, subject to maximum age limit of 45 years.
  • 3. The woman candidates of general category shall be granted the relaxation of five years in the upper age limit, subject to maximum age limit of 45 years.
  • 4. Subject to the provision of the advertisement,Physically Disabled candidates who are capable of performing the duties of the concerned posts as a normal person, shall be eligible to get the relaxation often years in the upper age limit on producing the Medical Certificate of the Medical Board.
  • 5. The age relaxation of five years in competitive examinations for Class-I and Class-II posts, shall be available to Commissioned Officers including Ex-serviceman/ ECO/ S. S. Cos. who have rendered at least five years military service and have been released on completion of assignment (including those whose assignment is due to be completed within six months) otherwise than by way of dismissal or discharge on account of physical disability attributed to military service or invalidity. While for Class-III posts, the ex-serviceman shall be granted the age relaxation by the length of military service plus three years, in accordance with the provision of the advertisement.
  • 6. The Government Servants shall not be eligible to get the relaxation in the upper age limit.

But if candidate believes that birth date which is shown in S.S.C.E. certificate is wrong he should send the true copy of the certificate of given by the competent authority. The Authorised Officer should clarify to the effect that he has checked original certificate of Matriculation and S.S.C.E. on the basis of the evidences produced before him, the true birth date of the candidate is (write date here), which differs from that of certificate of Matriculation (S.S.C.E.) or its equivalent examination and there are ample reasons to believe such. Thecredibility of the certificate of Age and Domicile will be checked by the Commission and its acceptance shall be subject to the decision of the Commission.

The candidates belonging to S.C., S.T. and S. & E.B.C. shall have to produce the self attested copy of the caste certificate issued by the competent authority in the prescribed form in accordance with prevalent rules along with the application.

For the entrance to the examination, a candidate should be -

  • A. A citizen of India, or
  • B. A subject of Nepal, or
  • C. A subject of Bhutan, or
  • D. A Refugee from Tibet, who should have migrated to India for permanent settlement before 1st January, 1962, or
  • E. A person of Indian origin who should have migrated to India for permanent settlement from Pakistan, East Pakistan, (Bangladesh), Burma (Myanmar), Shri Lanka, Kenya, Uganda of East African countries, United Republic Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia, or Vietnam. But the Government should have given an eligibility certificate in cases of candidates whose names come in sub-serial (B), (C), (D) and (E).

Note:- The Commission shall consider the application of such candidate in whose case the eligibility certificate is necessary and if his name is recommended for the appointment, he shall be provisionally appointed, provided he shall be issued an eligibility certificate by the Government.

  • 1. If the Commission is not satisfied with the eligibility of any candidate and /or if the candidate does not fulfill the requirements including the payment of examination fee, he shall not be permitted in the examination.
  • 2. As regards the entrance, the decision of the Commission shall be final and no correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.
  • 3. The candidate who has been permitted in examination shall be communicated by the letter as to the place, date and time of the examination.
  • 4. The candidates shall remain present at their own expense for written examination or personal interview.
  • 5. The Scheduled Caste and the Scheduled Tribe candidates shall be paid to and fro second class railway fare or S.T. Bus fare only for their oral test for coming to Ahmedabad as per the prevalent Government rules.

Information of the Posts for which recruitment made by Competitive Examination
(1) Gujarat Administrative Service, Class-I and Gujarat Civil Service Class-I & Class-II
(2) Class-I and Class-II posts of Gujarat Service of Engineering (Civil)
(3) Gujarati Reporter, Class-II, Gujarat Legislative Secretariat
(4) English Reporter, Class-II, Gujarat Legislative Secretariat
(5) Hindi Reporter, Class-II, Gujarat Legislative Secretariat
(6) Private Secretary, (Gujarati Stenographer, Grade-I), Class-II
(7) Private Secretary, (English Stenographer, Grade-I), Class-II
(8) Range Forest Officer, Class-II
(9) Deputy Section Officer, Deputy Mamlatdar and Commercial Tax Inspector, Class-III
(10) Legal Assistant, Class-III
(11) Translator, Class-III, Information Department
(12) Translator / Research Assistant, Class-III, Office of Director of languages
(13) Translator, Class-III, Office of Legal Department
(14) Translator, Class-III, Gujarat Legislative Secretariat







• Tips for Success in Interviews

  • • First impression is the best impression. You will be judged by ; the way you dress, your educational qualification, work experience, body language, manners, ability to absorb the information and interpret it intelligently and clearly. So take care to be at your best.
  • • Carry your relevant documents in order - like certificates, copy of application sent, bio-data etc. in a folder so that it can be easily shown when asked. Take a pen also.
  • • Present the documents only if the interviewer ask for it.
  • • Never be late for an interview.
  • • Greet the interviewers as soon as you enter.
  • • Sit down only when you are asked to. It is better not to pull the chair, either lift it or move it and always enter from the right side of the chair.
  • • Say 'please and thank you' whenever required.
  • • Listen carefully and pay attention to the question. If the question is not clear to you ask politely for a repeat.
  • • Reply confidently and immediately to the point, keeping your answers short unless asked for a longer description.
  • • While answering, look directly at the person asking the questions and try to be pleasant.
  • • Replies connected to any details regarding your bio-data should be authentic.
  • • It is better to admit if you don't know something.
  • • Remember to say 'sorry' if your opinions or answers are rejected.
  • • Avoid indulging in certain mannerisms in your speech or behavior.
  • • You can ask when you can expect to hear from them before you leave.
  • • Don't forget to say "Thank you" at the end of an interview to every interviewer before leaving.
  • • Shake hands only if the interviewer initiates the gesture.
  • • Walk out confidently without looking back.
  • • Gently shut the door behind you as you leave.

• Most frequently asked Questions in Interview

  • I always longed to work with a company. I am familiar and whose products I have used and trusted. (Narrate briefly how you can prove your statement. Do good research on the company before facing the interview)

  • I would like to be frank. Judge me from the work and I am sure you will put me right where I want to be. Note : Do not over ambitious and speak in a way that you are not satisfied with your current job which you have applied for.

  • Talk of what you enjoy most your skills and natural talents. Do not specify your goal and any job title.

  • Do not just repeat what you have given in your resume. Be ready with the answer, a talent or something you did out of the ordinary. You can sound it as unique or give it a touch of yourpersonality.

  • Be specific and give a straight answer of how you came to know about the vacancy. If it was advertised specify how you came across it.

  • Have a research done about the company / organization. Give just one or two reasons why you are interested. You can add these points
    (1) company's reputation
    (2) desire to join the specific field of interest.

  • (This question is put to you to puzzle a candidate. Be calm and answer the question with a positive and confident approach) Answer in the negative. My experience and qualification will just help me to do the job better. Moreover I am at establishing a long term relationship which my qualification will favor me to handle more responsibilities and help me to rise to your expectations.

  • When you answer, clearly show that you have researched carefully and acquired more in-depth knowledge about the company. Enumerate some positive and negative traits of the company and their competitions. Feel confident to show that competition is not an unexpected one.

  • Show your confidence in the company's worth, stress the point 'I would say No' by pointing out some qualities you found out in your research about the company.

  • You should give two or three reasons for leaving. Lack of challenge, focus on the limitations etc. Point out your ambition to prove your worth confidently.

  • (This is a tricky question to be answered carefully. Interviewers often accept people with realistic financial goals.) If you mention a salary that is low it shows that you are not up to the mark. If you mention too high you have ruined a chance to get a job. So the best is to ask for the salary they offer and then show your capacity, how your experience and qualification rate with what is offered.

  • (Show how you believe that you are most suited to the post. If you can find out an earlier experience it would be fine.) If you have experience, you can quote some similarities from the past and how you achieved success.

  • Make the question a chance to display your aptitude that fits the job you have applied for. Display how your skills can be put into suite the challenges and modern trends.

  • This is often the concluding Question ( Some tips to the answer) Don'ts : Do not repeat your resume Do not enumerate your experience Do's: Prove Your interest Be positive in your answer. Be prepared with confidence in what you are going to say Make sure the answer comes from the bottom of your heart.

  • Even though it is tempting to discuss thing you would do for fun, answer these questions with strict coherence with the job you have applied for. Eg: If you are into teaching, touch on your interest in adult literary programmers and other teaching oriented aspects.

  • Sketch out some similar work which you have done in your previous job. It should be something justifiable by you, even though others may think differently. You can even ask some question where you can prove that your experience stands in good strand.

  • Design your answer to show that you are still interested in the job and you point out a few instances where improvements can be made. Convince the person that you can be relied on and you will not get bored with what you do with time.

  • Give a solid attendance record. But at the same time show you were not responsible. Convince that you are willing to take up responsibility. Eg: I was absent 7 days. 4 days due to conjunctivitis and one day due to the death of a close relative and 2 days had to accompany my parents for their check up.

  • The question is aimed at you to hear from yourself how you handle people when others loose their temper. Here the best answer you can give to describe a situation and show how you handled it with maturity and diplomacy.

  • You can describe a situation of how you had managed stress in your previous work if you had one or narrate how you can find time in your busy schedule to relax a bit.

  • It will be better if you be specific with your answer. Narrate some thing you worked for to fulfill your work more efficiently. Describe how you attended a seminar and brought about the changed in your work.

  • Answer the question effectively . Describe in detail how your plan out, set priorities, determine schedules, how you follow out to see the progress and meet the dead line.

  • Do not ever say you have read a book which you have not. Here your suggestion can lead the interviewer to know your taste and interest. It can also hint on how you take your profession.

  • The best way to answer it is to focus in what you do efficiently, keep in mind the position you are applying for.

  • Narrate what you are good and match it with the present job requirements. You may ask questions to clear if that particular skill will add benefit to the company

  • The Interview expects an answer to know you better .Keep in tune with your job and work you have applied for. Do not beat around the bush.

  • Name the references and how you know them. You can also show that you are a person who care for relationships and how you stand in good stead with them.

  • If you have given your present boss as your reference you can tell that you prefer to call your current boss only after you receive a confirmed offer as he may not like you changing the job.

  • Be prepared to answer this question in advance. List out a few questions you wish to know more about. After you have faced the interview your logic will guide you to ask the question you really want to know more about.

  • Here the interview is on the look out for your accountability and professional character. Simply explain a situation that caused a problem and narrate how you faced it and overcame it.

  • Her the interview is trying to find out how you deal with pressure. Be diplomatic and objective with your answer. Prepare the answer so that the answer comes as a smooth reassurance

  • If the answer is negative, the answer is simple. But if you have been fired, you need to be prepared to the answer the follow up questions that my come up. If the termination was for reason beyond your control narrate it. If not do not try justifying yourself. If you had a fault, admit it and convince the interview that you have corrected it.

  • Be honest and if you had changed the jobs frequently there could be ample reasons to do so. Put them up as contracts that expired at the stipulated time. Be convincing when you say that you long to have a steady and long lasting relationship with the present job you are applying for.

  • Avoid making any negative statements especially about your previous employer. Change the question with a positive outlook and answer it with a satisfied remark of your outcome.

  • Answer with ease that in any job and any situation that tension is a part of it. Relax before putting the f act you are very used to such type of works.

  • Do not bluff. Be specific on the answer. Do not hesitate to say the benefits you enjoyed in the previous job. It may be verified so never mention the benefits you have not got.

  • Tell you preference but do not specify that you will be not willing to work else where.

  • Turn the question to a positive one. Simply say that you are a perfectionist and your commitment to output of high quality perfect work. Say this is your weakness.

Guidelines for Preparing a Resume

A resume furnishes details for presenting yourself for a prospective job. It is a summary of your skills, accomplishments, experiences and education. There is no standard format for preparing your resume. It should be designed in such a way to impress your prospective employer and to ensure the call for an interview. Apart from the basic categories, you can add on details to make it more impressive. Always make a rough resume with all the details before you finalize on the fair one. We can go through the basic categories, to help you to make a resume.

Name, Address and Telephone

One has to give his/her permanent address with phone number if any. If you have an e-mail address, include that too.


It should be brief and to the point. It must give the employer an idea about your work preferences and where you want to be in your career, in future.
For example:
• Seeking a challenging position with opportunities for career advancement and learning.
• To have a long career in the (particular field), gain further skills and attain the goal of the organisation aiming at mutual growth.


This category is optional but valuable. Here one should give an overall picture of his/her abilities and accomplishments. You must stress on your particular strengths. sd
For example:
• Good knowledge on Internet Security, E-commerce Transactions, System Analysis etc.
• More than one year experience in the particular industry.

Educational Qualification:

Here one has to include your degree, specialisation, institutions attended, year of graduation, subsidiary subjects studied, and any special workshops, seminars, related courses or projects done. You can give your qualifications separately as academic and professional or technical if any.

Career Graph or Work Experience:

One must give details regarding the place you have worked, the position you held, your responsibilities and achievements if any, duration of work etc. List the name of the organisation, give a brief description if you prefer and the place it's located. Then give your work responsibilities with an emphasis on achievements- (work projects done, targets achieved etc.) and the dates or period you have served in the organisation.

Personal Profile:

Your personal details like date of birth, permanent address and contact number, e-mail, passport details if any, hobbies, languages known etc.


References should be given with prior consent from the relevant people. This must include their name, address and phone number. It is not essential to give references in a resume. You can state that references can be furnished if needed.



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